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23 May 2024

Video about my photo workshops

Dear all,

I invite you to watch this short video that gives an overview of the photo workshops that I offer since 2010.

Full course details are available here.

Please note that there are still a few places available on the Monte-Rosa workshop, in the Zermatt valley, which will take place from 22 to 24 July.
I look forward to sharing these magnificent moments in our majestic mountains with you.

Kind regards

30 April 2024

New video "MADANI"

Dear all,

In my last newsletter on 21 February, I told you that Céline and I were in the middle of preparing a video which we shot in Morocco during our last trip back in December.

We are delighted to finally be able to present this video titled "MADANI, the man who greens the desert", the fruit of a warm and touching encounter.

In the heart of the Sahara, where the sun scorches the sand and shade is but a memory, stands an unexpected haven of greenery: Oasis Source de Vie (Oasis Source of Life). Behind this extraordinary oasis is a man of unshakeable will, Madani Hanana.
This former Saharan nomad has turned his dream into reality. His story is a message of hope, inspiration and a symbol of resilience. It shows us that great things can be achieved with patience, perseverance, creativity and a deep respect for the environment.

We would like to thank Pierre Rapey, who supported and advised us with great skill and generosity during the editing process, as well as Leentje Van Doorslaer of the Kokopelli association thanks to whom we met Madani. We also want to thank our friends Max, Vincent and Fred for giving us one last careful look before publication.

To support us in these video projects and encourage these positive stories, we invite you to share this video with your family, friends and acquaintances.

Morocco and its bewitching desert have not finished inspiring us, as the next video currently being edited will once again bear witness to a story full of beauty and humanity.

But for now, all that's left for me to do is wish you a good viewing, and I look forward to your feedback.

Kind regards

21 February 2024

Spring offer

Dear all,

-40% on all our fine art prints in stock:

In order to celebrate the arrival of spring, Céline and I are delighted to be able to offer you, once again this year, the chance to acquire our prints in stock at an exceptional price of -40% (and less for some), excluding postage and packing.

You can discover all the prints available from the links below.

-10% on all new fine art print orders:

If you cannot find what you are looking for in our stock, we are also pleased to offer you a 10% discount on all new orders.

This offer is valid until 21 March 2024.

Note that we have a permanent photos exhibition at the Temps de Vivre retaurant in Mayens-de-Chamoson (Switzerland), as well as the Yves Hohl tea-room at Isle (Switzerland).

Exhibition at the Yves Hohl tearoom (Isle, Switzerland)

Kind regards

15 February 2024

Back from travelling

Dear all,

Having just returned from our trip to Morocco, Céline and I are now in the post-production phase. The last three months have been very busy, and our presence on the web has been discreet, being very focused on the two video subjects we made on location, in addition to our various photographic works.

When we are travelling, it is always hard to sit back and relax behind our computer screen as beautiful stories and encounters unfold before our eyes, just waiting to be shared.

So these are, in a nutshell, the various projects we are currently working on, and which we cannot wait to share with you, as well as some other fresh news from our photographic activities.

The first story that we have shot is about the life of a desert guide, Youssef Ait Bahadou, whom we met 4 years ago at the gateway to the desert, in Merzouga to be precise, and who touched us deeply with his great philosophy of life.

Youssef, contemplating the dunes of Erg Chebbi, a land so dear to his heart

One of the nomad camps supported by Youssef

For several years now, Youssef has been supporting nomadic desert families, with whom he has forged a very strong bond. His support encompasses various essential aspects of life: building wells, access to health and education, and so on. He will share with us these intimate and touching moments with these families and take us to the heart of this nomadic life that is becoming increasingly difficult to perpetuate.

Sunset light around one of the nomad camps supported by Youssef.

One of the nomad women shows us her collection of medicinal plants

For our second story, we travelled along the edge of the Moroccan desert, bordering Algeria, to M'hamid el Ghizlane, the last village before the Sahara, 52 days' walk from Timbuktu (Mali), according to the village's ancient wall inscriptions.

Here, it was Madani and his wife Aïcha who opened their door to us at their Oasis Source de vie" (Source of Life Oasis). We got in touch with them after a visit to the French seed company Kokopelli, who told us that Madani was one of the many people they support around the world as part of their "Seeds without Borders" project, which aims to give farmers access to reproducible seeds and thus help them regain their autonomy.

Madani, in the labyrinth of alleyways of the old Kasbah of M'hamid

Madani, a former nomad, recently called on them to help him re-green a piece of land in the middle of the dunes in order to become as self-sufficient as possible from a food point of view, thanks to a permaculture approach.

We are both in awe of his commitment, creativity and ingenuity in creating living ecosystems, desalinating water, setting up irrigation systems, installing shaded areas to protect the soil and plants, and so on.

Alongside his permaculture project, Madani and his wife Aïcha continue to work tirelessly to develop this serene setting for welcoming travellers, with whom he shares his knowledge and experience of permaculture and other well-being-oriented activities.

Madani harvests its delicious dates

"Oasis Source of life", an enchanting place to recharge your batteries in the heart of the desert

So it is with great pleasure, but also a great deal of nostalgia, that we are currently taking a virtual look back at these two magnificent encounters to finalise the editing and, we hope, extract some wonderful testimonials.

For the moment, this video and photographic work is entirely self-founded. We're thinking about setting up a crowdfunding platform that would enable us to continue making these films on inspiring and positive subjects in the future.

Kind regards

20 November 2023

Ladakh by bicycle

Dear All,

Contemplative pause in front of Lake Pangong

At the time of my last newsletter, I was about to embark on a long cycling loop on the bumpy but oh so magnificent roads of Ladakh. It was a rich experience in so many ways. Although I truly enjoyed this way of travelling, it didn't fail to confront me with a number of challenging difficulties.

Riding to the rhythm of your legs and the "song of the wheels" (to use Claude Marthaler's famous book title), being constantly in the fresh air, finding myself alone pedalling through landscapes that are as sumptuous as they were wild, brought me strong and memorable emotions. Accepting the challenge of cycling on roads that are sometimes heavily trafficked and where a significant number of vehicles are constantly emitting thick, asphyxiating black smoke, seeing the beauty of certain places stripped of their authentic and wild charm by the increase in tourism and the consequent construction of tarmac roads, being destabilised in the way I practise my photography - these were some of the greatest difficulties I had to face. But it was also thanks to these difficulties that I was able to carry out some deep and fruitful inner work, in particular learning to 'accept what is' without resigning myself to it, to be attentive to the automatisms of my mind, and to be ever more aware and present in the moment. It is a process of personal transformation that is far from easy, and yet so simple in its principles, but at 48 years of age, there are a lot of deep-rooted 'bad' habits that I need to deconstruct in order to establish and anchor new patterns.

Small rainfall over lake Pangong

Diskit Monastery

The loop I had planned, Leh - Kardungla - Numbra Valley - Pangong Lake - Tsomoriri Lake - Tso Kar - Leh, turned out to be, not surprisingly, of majestic splendour. Although each of these places is well known to tourism and this loop is on the program of many local tour operators (and it's easy to understand why), you'd have to be a bit picky not to be seduced by the landscapes that characterise them as well as the people who live there.

Admittedly, I couldn't help feeling disappointed at the extent to which some places are being spoilt by the ever-increasing development of tourism. The banks of Lake Pangong are an unfortunate example. The infrastructures that have sprung up in just a few years to accommodate the growing numbers of tourists are far from embellishing their surroundings. As a tourist and visitor to these places myself, I've long wondered about my legitimacy, my impact and my real need to travel so far to see these exceptionally beautiful landscapes with my own eyes, and to meet and share beautiful moments with the local people.

One day, on the side of the road between Basgo and Likir, I stopped at a small stall to quench my thirst. The young man serving me asked the traditional question: "Where are you from? "Switzerland", I replied. "From Switzerland? But why do you come here? It's so beautiful where you live!”. Indeed, while he dreamt of seeing Switzerland, he wondered what I could find more beautiful in his own country, why I came from so far and was spending so much time here, even more so cycling around it! His astonishment didn't fail to question myself further about my legitimacy of travelling so far away!

Bivouac on the shores of Lake Pangong

Lake Tsomoriri

On this issue, I can see that it is the same as for many other things that provide us pleasure. Once we have got used to these 'pleasures', no matter how much we know and understand their harmful aspect, it is hard to give them up. My relationship with food is a perfect example. I may know that certain foods are not healthy, but it is still very difficult to give them up!

I am all too aware that, depending on the way we travel, we can have a very negative impact in many ways, particularly on the environment, the nature of the places we visit and the culture of the local people. But how can I give up this desire and visceral need to always go and see with my own eyes this “elsewhere” that intrigues and attracts me so much? It's a question that has been nagging at me for a long time now, and one to which I hope one day to find a satisfactory and soothing answer.

Lake Tsomoriri and Gya Mount

Lake Tsomoriri

Crossing the Kardungla pass

Lake Kyagar

One thing is certain, for the moment being, I have to accept that the world I was born into is not, and certainly never will be, perfect. Unless I go and live in a cave or completely marginalise myself, I have to find peace in this acceptance while doing my best to move towards a way of life that is ever closer to what I believe to be respectful of all living beings, sensible, sustainable, resilient, kind, healthy, etc.

I could keep on going for a long time on this subject, but let's leave it at that for now. I reserve further thoughts for the little video I am preparing, in which I will share the slightly fuller story of this experience and what it has brought me. The release of this video will be the subject of a future newsletter.

Small coffe-restaurant, descent to the Numbra valley

Stok Kangri Massif


For the time being, I will leave you with a few images from a harvest that was not very productive, given the difficulty of combining cycling and photography in good light conditions.

Some of these pictures, as well as a few others, will be published in my online galleries very soon, along with other new images. This will be the subject of the next article.

Kind regards

18 November 2023

Book ALPES 2nd edition

Dear All,

Following the success of the first edition, published in October 2021, the ALPES book is being reissued this year in a second edition with 40 new pages and new previously unpublished photographs. This second edition of this book celebrates the beauty, but also the fragility, of this mountain range that is so dear to us here in Europe.

A selection of images with majestic atmospheres, combined with informative texts on geology, climatology, vegetation and geography, highlight the wonders, but also the distress, of this great wall straddling France, Switzerland and Italy.

All the information about the book can be found here.

I hope you enjoy reading through these 264 pages and there 160 large-format photographs!

Kind regards

30th June 2023

Swiss Alpes Calendar - 2024 edition

Dear All,

My 2024 Swiss Alps Calendar has just come off the press and I'm pleased to present it to you.

See the 2024 calendar
2024 Swiss Alps Calendar

For this edition, the Matterhorn is once again in the spotlight, with this winter view on the cover, taken on a fine but cold April morning from the summit of the Dos de Rollin (3898 m), just a stone's throw from the Klein Matterhorn (Little Matterhorn). To take advantage of the beautiful sunrise light, I bivouacked at this location. It was a night without much sleep, as a permanent headache had kept me awake, the result of the rapid ascent to 3900 m altitude the day before. But these little hazards of bivouacking in the high mountains are quickly forgotten when we are rewarded with exceptional views that I will never tire of.

Bivouac when I captured the 2024 calendar cover image
The bivouac at Dos de Rollin, shared with my dear friend Raymond, when I captured the calendar's cover image of the Matterhorn.

As for the other images in the calendar, this year you'll be accompanied by the Säntis (Appenzell), the Gantrisch (Bern), the Piz Nair (Grisons), a wide view of the Valais Alps from the Pointre d'Orny, the Crête de Moléson (Fribourg), the Dent de Chomosentse (Valais), the Haut de Cry (Valais), the Weisshorn (Valais), the Pazolastock (Uri), the Val Piora (Ticino) and Monte Leone (Valais). Once again, you'll be able to travel all over the Swiss Alps.

The 12 months

2024 Swiss Alps Calendar

Price : 39.90 CHF

I whish you a pleasant discovery.

Kind regards

16th February 2023

New online gallery "A Taste From Elsewhere"

Dear All,

A brand new gallery called "A Taste From Elsewhere" has just been added to my online galleries.

Click to see the gallery A Taste From Elsewhere

Up until now, in all my other galleries on my website I have been sharing purely photos of the natural world, with little or no human traces, to show the beauty of the natural environment around us.

In this new gallery, I share a range of my travel images, in which I include humans as well as other living beings or their traces in the world.

I wish you a beautiful discovery and an enjoyable journey.

Kind regards,


8th December 2022

Dear All,

As fall colours are gently coming to an end, the vegetable garden feeding us with its last vegetables, and the summits beginning to whiten from the approaching winter, I am pleased to share with you some fresh news from my photographic activity.

Winter Photo Workshops

The dates of the winter photo workshops are now available on my website.

2023 Winter Photo Workshops


Grand Chavalard - 2901 m, Switzerland.

This season I have the great pleasure to propose a brand new winter workshop "Grande Dent de Morcle", based on two days of ski touring in the magnificent Muveran massif. Accompanied by a high mountain guide who is none other than my faithful friend Jérôme Gottofrey who has been accompanying the high mountain summer photo workshops for over 8 years now, we will leave from Ovronnaz, spend the night at the Fenestral hut and ascend the Grande Dent de Morcles (2969 m). Although a good level of skiing is recommended to fully enjoy the photographic aspect of the workshop, the overall rating of this ski tour is PD- (not difficult minus).

Full details of this new workshops is available here.

Winter photo workshop Grande Dent de Morcle

Winter photo workshop "Grande Dent de Morcle"

Pleasure of contemplation during the ascent to the Fenestral hut.

2023 Swiss Alps Calendar

2023 Swiss Alps Calendar

The 2023 edition of my traditional Swiss Alps calendar is available here.

Book "Voice of the Eyes"

Book Voice of the Eyes

It is a great pleasure and honour for me to announce my contribution to the book Voice of the Eyes created and edited by René Algesheimer (

Voice of the Eyes Voice of the Eyes is a unique collection of interviews with internationally renowned landscape photographers, collected by René, himself a talented landscape photographer. In his words, "These photographers are among those who have mastered their craft like no others and thus helped shape the discipline as a whole".

My congratulations to René for this brilliant project and his tireless commitment. I wish him and all the contributors every success.

More details about the book are available on my website here, or on the book’s official website

I wish you a great start to the winter season, good preparations for the festive season and beautiful lights.

Kind regards,


22nd August 2022

Exhibition, EMS Chablais of Bex - 25th August to 19th September 2022

Dear all

Every year, the EMS Chablais of Bex organizes a big summer party. This year, it will be on the theme of the mountain, and on this occasion I am honored to be invited to exhibit 12 of my artworks in their premises. The exhibition will run from 25 August to 19 September 2022.

"Morning Show"

Matterhorn, Switzerland.

A vernissage will take place on Wednesday 24 August at 5pm. You are cordially invited to attend.

The big summer party will take place on Saturday 27 August.

An interview on Radio Chablais is also planned, the exact time and date of broadcast will be announced on the Exhibitions and Conferences page on Thursday 25th August.

All the details of this exhibition can be found here.

I wish you a pleasant visit and I look forward to seeing you at the vernissage.

Bien amicalement,

12th December 2021

Opening of the Fine Art Photo Gallery "Céline & Sam"

Dear All

While our mountains are generously covered with their white coat, Céline and I are very pleased to announce the opening of our new photo art gallery « Céline & Sam », in the heart of the resort of Ovronnaz (Switzerland).

It is within a cosy place of 40 m2 that we would like to welcome you in order to share some windows over the beauty of our world. You will be able to discover and acquire our photographs in different forms, whether as original prints (limited editions, open editions, or unique editions), as well as our books, calendars, view cards, etc.

All the details about the gallery (location, opening hours, etc.) are available here.

We look forward to welcoming you.
Until then, warm regards to you all.


16th October 2021


Dear All

I have the great pleasure to announce the release of the book ALPES.

Published by the publishing house of the famous swiss nature magazine La Salamandre, this beautiful book gathers the photographs of three photographers, Ambre de l'AlPe (France), Roberto Moiola (Italy) and myself for Switzerland. Our images are completed with informative texts signed by experts in geology, climatology, botany or geography.

A book that pays homage to these cathedrals of the Earth between France, Switzerland and Italy.
Throughout the seasons and pages, you will be immersed in magnificent landscapes, from the bottom of valleys where silver torrents meander to the highest eternally snow-covered peaks, passing through immense glacial tongues, emerald lakes bordered by flowering marshes or larch forests ablaze with autumn.

A book for all mountain and nature lovers!

More details about the content, the photographers, the authors of the texts, on the book page here.

I wish you a lot of pleasure to discover it.

Warm regards to you all.

17th March 2021

New Images Online

Dear All

The "Recent Work" online gallery has just been updated with fifty new images captured over the past few months.

I hope you will enjoy them.

Warm regards to you all.

21th January 2021

Mountain Photo Workshops - Summer 2021"

Dear All

I am delighted to inform you that the dates of my summer 2021 photo workshops are now available online.

Following numerous requests, you will note that a short version of the Bernese Haute Route is now available.
For all those who were hesitant to commit to a full 5-day tour in the high mountains, this 3-day version should suit you perfectly.

All the details about the workshops are available here.
To register, please go to the online shop here.

I am once again looking forward to sharing with you these magical days in the mountains photographing nature's most incredible spectacles.

Warm regards to you all.

15th December 2020

2021 Winter Photo Workshops

Dear All

I am delighted to inform you that the dates of my 2021 photo workshops (winter) are now online.

This year, a brand new workshop will take place in the majestic Gastlosen region (Fribourg's Pre-Alps), above picture.

For all the details about the worlshops, please click here.
And to register, go to the online shop here.

I am looking forward to sharing with you these beautiful days photographing winter in these magical places.

Warm regards to you all.

24th November 2020

Video "Instants of Voyage"

Winter 2020. Céline and I leave for our first long-term travel with our overland vehicle. We first head to the far north of Scandinavia and the Baltic countries. Although we are leaving without a return date, the world situation due to health crisis changes all our plans.
In this video, after a brief introduction about our life as travelling photographers, we take you with us on this first experience on the road.
We wish you a very pleasant viewing.

Warm regards to you all.

17th October 2020

Meeting + Exhibition - Mise-en-Scène art Gallery (Morges, Switzerland)

Céline and I are very happy to welcome you on 17th October 2020 from 11:00 to 17:00 at the Mise-en-Scène art gallery where we currently exhibit a selection of our latest artwork. A perfect occasion to exchange together over our 5 months travel in the Nordic countries during early 2020.

New artwork, exchange, sharing, book signing and a few drinks are on the agenda.

Further details about the event can be found on the Exhibition and Conference page.

We look forward to meeting you there.

Warm regards to you all.

20th September 2020

2021 Swiss Alps Calendar

The 2021 edition of my traditional "Swiss Alps" calendar is now available on my online store.

All the details about the calendar can be found on the calendars page.

I wish you a bit in advance, a great year 2021! ;-).

Warm regards to you all.

1th September 2020

Meeting + Exhibition + Video Projections

Back from a 5 months trip to Scandinavia and the Baltic countries, Céline and I will be happy to welcome you at the Mise-en-Scène gallery in Morges (Switzerland) and share with you our winter experience in "Scoubi", our travel companion.

Photographs, conferences, book signings and few drinks will be on the program.

More details on the exhibition and conference page.

We look forward to see you there.

Warm regards to you all.

28th May 2020

New photo workshops 2020

I have the great pleasure to propose you 6 new photo workshops for this second half of the year 2020.

Given the uncertainties about the borders opening during the coming months, Celine and I decided to temporarily interrupt our long-term travel and return back home in Switzerland for a few months. So this is a great opportunity for us to propose you these new workshops.

Four of them are on field shooting in the Swiss mountains and four others on Lightroom learning and photo printing. These last ones are organised with Céline.

You will find all the details on the Workshops page.

To register, please go to my online shop.

I look forward to sharing together again some beautiful moments.

Until then I wish you beautiful lights.
Warm regards to you all.

27th April 2020

New artworks and new galleries

More than a hundred new artworks have just been added to the online galleries. Among them about fifty of my new work over the past two years realized in Switzerland, Japan, Morocco, Zanzibar, Norway and Finland.

For the occasion, two brand new galleries have been added:

Wild Immensities, in which you will be able to discover wild and desert landscapes.

Recent Work, in which you will be able to discover my latest photographs as well as those recently added to the various galleries.

I wish you a pleasant journey.

23rd April 2020

Aid to Bolivia

New page Aid to Bolivia on my website entirely dedicated to the noble action of a dear friend, Daniel Chappuis, to help the people of South-East Lipez.

This page presents in detail all of his action, as well as our collaboration on this project. I also retrace my 2012 trip, during which I joined him on site to realise images to help him in his approach.

I hope you enjoy reading it.

20th April 2019

Lausanne Art Fair

MISE-EN-SCENE will be present at the LAUSANNE ART FAIR from May 2 to 5, 2019.

Among 80 international galleries, Céline ( and I will exhibit our works alongside the gallery's two guest artists, Jean-Matthieu Domon (photographer) and Isabelle Thiltgès (sculptor).

This event will be the occasion to present you some brand new work in preview of the new exhibitions coming this spring at the gallery!

More details (schedule, etc.) on the Exhibitions and Conferences page.

22nd Decembre 2018

Opening of the permanent art gallery MISE-EN-SCÈNE

One year ago, on December 1st, 2017, my partner Céline (Céline Jentzsch Photographie) and I opened our photographic art gallery EVANA in Crans-Montana for a winter season.
One year later, we are again in the euphoria of a new event of the same importance for our photographic and artistic journey.

I have the immense pleasure to announce the opening of the new art gallery MISE EN SCÈNE in Morges, on the shores of Lake Geneva..

It is in close collaboration with two other art creators of a different kind, the garden designers Julien and Laetitia Kellenberger, founders of the company Mise en Scène Création, that we have developed this project whose common values inspire us.

This space will be dedicated to our artistic work on a permanent basis to allow us to present new works on a regular basis. We will make you live here our next big project of a long trip on the road around the world, which is planned to start in 2019, through new exhibitions and video-conferences with our two slogans as a guiding thread: "Your Window over Nature" and "An Instant of Voyage".

For the launch of this gallery, we are pleased to be joined by two other talented artists, the sculptor Isabelle Thiltgès, and the photographer Jean-Matthieu Domon. I invite you to discover their work on their respective websites and

A huge thank you to all the actors of this beautiful realization. We are delighted that this wonderful artistic and human adventure will continue to grow.

I wish you a beautiful virtual discovery, but nothing beats a visit in person to appreciate the magic of this unusual place.

For the address of the gallery and the opening hours, please click here.

Yours sincerely,


22nd November 2018

IPA Awards

Two of my photographs as well as my book MAJESTICS were awarded an Honourable Mention in the prestigious IPA Awards 2018 competition.

21st November 2018

2019 "Swiss Alps" Calendar

The 2019 edition of my traditional "Swiss Alps" calendar is already available.
May these 12 new panoramic photographs of our magnificent Swiss Alps accompany you peacefully throughout 2019, which I wish you to be wonderfull.

20th November 2018

Article 1 !

Beginning of this blog. I hope to be able to share with you my artistic journeay on a regular basis through this blog. New images, new projects, important events, etc.

By following this blog, I hope to be able, in all humility, to make you dream, breathe fresh air, awaken your senses and share emotions.

I hope you will enjoy it and I thank you in advance for your interest.