Photo Workshops
Learn and practise landscape photography in a unique environment

Every year since 2010, I have been keen to share my passion for mountain photography through photo workshops. During these one- or multi-day workshops, I propose to walk to some places of exceptional beauty and take the time to observe, feel, and finally capture in images the landscapes that surround us.
This video provides a small insight of what we experience during these unforgettable moments.

The man who greens the desert

In the heart of the Sahara, where the sun scorches the sand and shade is but a memory, stands an unexpected haven of greenery: Oasis Source de Vie (Oasis Source of Life). Behind this extraordinary oasis is a man of unshakeable will, Madani Hanana.
This former Saharan nomad has turned his dream into reality. His story is a message of hope, inspiration and a symbol of resilience. It shows us that great things can be achieved with patience, perseverance, creativity and a deep respect for the environment.

"Graine de Vie" (Seed of Life)
A hymn to life and our vegetable garden

Céline and I worked for several weeks on a subject that fascinated us, because we carefully looked after it, saw it grow, day after day, and also, because it nourishes us, in different ways.
A subject that has become deeply ingrained in us over the last few years.
Put on your boots or clogs. Take a basket and a knife if you like. We are delighted to share this new video, entitled "Graine de vie" (Seed of life), with you as a hymn to life and to our vegetable garden.

Birth of a Photograph

After many years of photographing the Swiss mountains under their most beautiful light, Samuel published in 2015 the book MAJESTICS, in which he gathers the quintessence of this work. The film of the same name, which you can watch below, invites the viewer to join Samuel in the field in order to discover his work during the making of his images.

Instants de Voyages
Great Scandinavian North

Winter 2020. Samuel and his partner Céline leave for their first long-distance travel in vehicle. Direction the Great Scandinavian North and the Baltic countries before heading to central Asia. While they were leaving with no return date, the news of the world health crisis changes all their plans. In this video, after a brief introduction about their life as travelers-photographers, they share with you this first shortened experience of their life on the road.

An inspiring school in India
SMD Smart School

We are happy to introduce you to this unconventional school, located in Punjab, India: the SMD Smart School. We were invited to spend 3 days with the director and his family, Dr Narendra Singh and Pooja Singh, to make this interview and video. Thank you for the very warm welcome and also for giving us the opportunity to question the education we give to children to become noble human beings.

Moment of Escape
Finnish Lapland

Winter 2020, Samuel and his partner Céline are in the heart of Finnish Lapland while the world is confined due to a health crisis. While waiting for the borders to reopen so they can continue their journey, they use this opportunity to immerse themselves within the wild spaces that the Great North offers. During one of his outings, upon his arrival on a high plateau, Samuel comes face to face with this magnificent herd of reindeer.

Equipment test for Nikon
in Zanzibar

At the end of 2019, Céline is mandated by Nikon to field test the brand new Nikkor 24-200mm Z series lens. Samuel is in parallel mandated to shoot the video footage. Here is the short promotional video that ended up being released by Nikon workdwide.

Discover all the videos of Celine and Samuel on their Youtube page here.

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