Photo Workshops

Improving the artistic quality of your images. Developing your photographic technique. Walking in the mountains and soaking in the splendor of mother nature. Sharing beautiful moments with other enthusiasts. Discovering the secrets of a professional, passionate about his work, known for his sympathy, and whose work is regularly awarded in the most prestigious international photo contests. Here is what Samuel wants to bring you in his photography workshops.

Don't wait any longer and join him in the field, in the magnificent setting of the Swiss mountains. It is with a lot of dedication and passion that he will share his knowledge and experience with you in order to best meet all your expectations.

Workshops On The Field

These workshops take place over one or more days. The one-day courses allow you to learn landscape photography, and to discover Samuel's approach. You are photographing from dawn to dusk, which gives you the opportunity to enjoy a wide range of light conditions.

For the detailed information about these workshops, please refer to their full description.

Post-Production Workshops

For these workshops, Samuel joins forces with his partner Céline Jentzsch, also a professional photographer. Both of them are keen to offer you a series of courses that allow you to learn all aspects of photography, from shooting to printing, including photo library management as well as image post-processing. For the photo library management and image post-processing, Adobe Lightroom software is being used. This software is now a worldwide reference and a must for both amateurs and professionals. Samuel and Celine's experience in this field will allow you to discover this software in all simplicity.

For the detailed information about these workshops, please refer to their full description.

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One of the most important aspects of Samuel's work is sharing, sharing deeply beautiful moments that are graciously offered to us by Mother Nature.

Since 2010, he has had the pleasure of offering you to join him on the field, in the mountains, as part of his photo workshops. And since 2018, he has also been offering courses dedicated to the post-processing of your images and the use of Lightroom, in collaboration with his partner Céline Jentzsch, also a professional photographer.

In these workshops you will have the pleasure:

  • to spend some time in the countryside, in the magnificent setting of the Swiss mountains, with Samuel, his partner and photographer Céline Jentzsch, and other enthusiasts
  • to discover a very "practical" approach to landscape photography, and more particularly mountain photography
  • to learn to use your most important (and priceless) pieces of equipment: your eye
  • to learn the different techniques that Samuel and Celine use to take their own photographs
  • to benefit from their direct advice through highly individualized instruction thanks to the small number of participants
  • to learn all the aspects of photography from the moment you press the shutter, through post-processing, printing, managing your image library and using today's leading photography software: Adobe Lightroom.

Everything takes place in a very friendly atmosphere where the goal is above all to enjoy yourself while photographing splendid landscapes, and learning many little tricks that will help you in your quest of the perfect image.

Duration and Location

The duration of the workshops vary from one to several days long. They take place in the mountains of the Swiss Jura and the Swiss Alps, in places that Samuel knows well, chosen for their beauty and great photographic potential. The several days long workshops allow you to discover more remote but also wilder places, and provide the opportunity to photograph them under their most beautiful lights.

The workshops dedicated to Lightroon, post-processing and printing take place in Mayens-de-Chamoson, a small alpine jewel located in the heart of the Valais Alps, very close by the famous resort of Ovronnaz.


A large number of photographic subjects are covered, from the composition of a photograph to the correct management of exposure and depth of field, but also the panoramic technique, the use of filters, post-processing, the use of Lightroom software, printing and much more (see the detailed descriptions of each workshop for more information).

Depending on the overall level of the group and the needs of each individual, Samuel and Celine explore specific topics on request. So they make all this more or less tailor-made for you. Of course, they share with you all their little tips and tricks and show you their own way of working, whose great simplicity will surely surprise you!


All workshops, without exception, are intended for both beginners as well as more advanced photographers. A limited number of participants allows Samuel and Céline to meet everyone's needs, while covering a wide range of photographic themes.

Post-processing and Lightroom training courses are divided into several modules in order to address different levels.

Refer to the detailed description of each workshop for more information.


Workshops are conducted in French.

For workshops in the field, if you want to participate but do not master the French language perfectly, no problem, Samuel can translate into English and/or Spanish according to your needs.

For Lightroom, post-processing and printing courses, it is preferable to master the French language well.


To reserve your place in one or more courses, simply go to the online store, select the course(s) of your choice and the number of participants you wish to register. Given the high demand that these workshops receive each year, we ask that the full payment is made upon registration. If no payment is received within 5 days of your registration request, your registration will be cancelled and the seat(s) will be made available to other participants. If this deadline is too short for you, do not hesitate to let us know.

For the payment terms and cancellation conditions, please consult the General Terms and Conditions of Sales.

Physical Condition

For Lightroom and post-processing courses, no special physical condition is required.

For workshops in the field, depending on the course, a good, or even very good, physical condition is required to be able to participate. Indeed they take place in the mountains and include walks of several hours a day. Be reassured though, you don't need to be an athlete either! Some courses are limited to a few short hours of walking only. Others on the other hand require a very good physical condition because you total up to 6 hours of walking in the day with a positive ascent of several hundred meters, and for some courses you evolve at around 3000m of altitude. It is therefore very important not to overestimate yourself, and we invite you to consult carefully the detailed descriptions of each course where you will find all the information on the physical condition required. In case of doubt, please do not hesitate to ask us.

General Terms and Conditions

Please Click here to view the General Terms and Conditions of Sales specific to the photo workshops.