You will find below the books that Samuel has published or to which he has contributed with his images and words. We wish you a pleasant reading.


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Voice of the Eyes


2nd edition enriched

In 2003, Samuel Bitton settled in Switzerland. He immediately fell in love with the grandeur of its mountainous landscapes and has since devoted himself to capturing their grandiose panoramas, always in the best light.

This book, a paean to Nature that is as pure as it is fragile, gathers a selection of Samuel’s most beautiful panoramic images. The unusual format of the work plunges the viewer into the heart of these majestic alpine spectacles so that he or she can in turn savour all their subtleties.

The first edition is published in autumn 2015 by Samuel, on his own account. The book quickly became a great success with the public. In 2016, he was awarded a prize at the famous Banff International Mountain Book Festival (Canada).

Faced with this success, Samuel decided to reissue it in 2017, in a new edition enriched with 12 new unpublished photographs.

In 2018, this 2nd edition was rewarded with an honourable mention at the very famous IPA Awards.

  • Self-published.
  • Forword by Benoît Aymon, a famous journalist at the Swiss TV TSR (Télévision Suisse Romande.
  • 176 pages.
  • 70 panoramic colour photographs in double spreads.
  • 24cm x 34cm (24cm x 68cm open).
  • Edited with the support of Pro Natura Switzerland.
  • Texts in three languages, French, English and German.

Price: 69.00 CHF (60.00 EUR)


An exceptional book about one of the most famous mountain ranges in the world, the European Alps.

2nd Edition

1st Edition

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A natural barrier between North and South, a watershed and the last wild bastion in the heart of the ancient continent, the Alps divide countries and cultures but unite people by exerting an unparalleled attraction. These majestic mountains came into being as a result of the tectonic encounter between the African and European plates forty million years ago. Today, they stand in the middle of Europe and spread accross several countries.

This beautiful book pays tribute to them through the images of three renowned photographers and informative texts on geology, climatology, vegetation or geography. Taken in France, Switzerland and Italy, the photographs highlight little-known places as well as revisiting world-famous peaks and regions.

As the seasons change, these spectacular landscapes delight the reader across borders, from valley bottoms where silver streams meander to the highest eternally snow-covered peaks, via immense glacial tongues, emerald lakes bordered by flowering marshes or larch forests set ablaze by the autumn.

Thematic boxes signed by scientists specialising in the Alps provide an interdisciplinary insight into the particularities, issues and challenges of this renowned but fragile house of cards.

2nd Edition (Oct. 2023)

Following the success of the first edition published in October 2021, the ALPES book has been reissued in Septembver 2023 in a second edition with 40 new extra pages including brand new unpublished photographs.


The photographers (images)

Samuel Bitton has the immense pleasure of seeing his images published in this book alongside the two photographers Ambre de l'AlPe (France) and Roberto Moiola (Italy).

Located in the French Alps, Ambre de l'AlPe is a photographer and mountain guide. Since she was a child, the Alps have been her favourite playground where she searches for the play of light and dark clouds. She is the author of the magnificent book "Horizons Dentelés" (2018).

Cofounder of the nature photo agency, Roberto Moiola is a renowned Italian photographer. For his shots, he looks for particular angles and unusual viewpoints, sometimes from a helicopter or using a drone.

The scientists (textes)

  • Martine Rebetez, climatologist (University of Neuchâtel and Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research)
  • Ludovic Ravanel, geomorphologist (CNRS and Savoie Mont Blanc University in Chambéry)
  • Philip Deline, geomorphologist (CNRS and Savoie Mont Blanc University in Chambéry)
  • Emmanuel Reynard, geographer and geomorphologist (University of Lausanne)
  • Suzy Blondin, geographer (University of Neuchâtel)
  • Christophe Randin, biogeographer (Jardin botanique Flore-Alpe, Centre alpin de phytogéographie and University of Lausanne)
  • Pascal Vittoz, botanist (University of Lausanne)
  • Published by the publishing house of the famous swiss nature magazine La Salamandre.
  • 264 pages (2nd Edition ) / 224 pages (1st Edition).
  • 29.8 cm x 27 cm.
  • Texts in French.
  • ISBN: 9782889585342 (2nd Edition) / 9782889584437 (1st Edition).
  • Official release date: 13.09.2023 (2nd Edition) / 19.10.2021 (1st Edition).

2nd Edition : 59.00 CHF

1st Edition : 55.00 CHF

Voice of the Eyes

Creative Minds in Landscape Photography

Voice of the Eyes® is a collection of interviews with exceptional landscape photographers collected and edited by René Algesheimer, himself a talented landscape photographer.

In his words, "these photographers have mastered their craft like no other and have helped shape the entire discipline".

A book of great artistic value, and Samuel is deeply touched and honoured to be among these eminent photographers he has long admired and respected.

Photographers interviewed :

Marc Adamus / Valda Bailey / Sandra Bartocha / Alister Benn / Trym Ivar Bergsmo / Samuel Bitton / Theo Bosboom / Nigel Danson / Isabel Díez / Benjamin Everett / Thomas Heaton / Tom Hegen / Arild Heitmann / Kai Hornung / Céline Jentzsch / Paul Kenny / Stian Klo / William Neill / Alex Noriega / Freeman Patterson / Bruce Percy / Rafael Rojas / Paul Sanders / Hans Strand / Guy Tal / Rachael Talibart / TJ Thorne / David Thompson / Marsel van Oosten / David Ward / Reuben Wu

Find out more on the book's website :

  • 520 pages.
  • 30+1 interviews with some of today's world's most famous landscape photographers.
  • 125 color images from the interviewed photographers.
  • Printed on 170gm2 high quality matt fine-art paper
  • 25cm x 25cm.
  • Language : English.
  • Self-edited by René Algesheimer.
  • Book's official website :

Price : 90.00 CHF