Edition Types

One of the main sources of inspiration for Samuel Bitton's artistic work is the rarity of the moments he photographs, whether it is the surreal aspect of the intense colours that nature is able to produce, or the fleeting ephemeral atmospheres which only a few privileged people are lucky enough to witness. The right conditions for such moments to occur require Samuel to spend countless hours in the field. For these reasons, in order to remain faithful to the extreme beauty of such moments, he is keen to offer his artworks as high quality original fine art prints.

Limited Editions to 500 copies

Samuel believes that beauty coming from nature should be available for all to enjoy. Although producing high quality framed original prints comes at a cost, he strives to make them as accessible as possible. This is why he is keen to offer some of his artworks in limited editions, but with a high maximum number of copies - in this case 500 - in order to be able to offer prices that are as fair as possible. Each of these artworks is accompanied by its certificate of authenticity.

Limited Editions to 30 copies

The extreme beauty of certain photographed moments often rhymes with rarity. By limiting the number of prints of certain artworks, Samuel wishes to pay tribute to the singularity of these unique moments graciously offered by Mother Nature. This is why Samuel proposes a large portion of his work as limited editions (30 copies maximum), all sizes combined. Each copy is produced at the request of its buyer, who can therefore choose its size and frame. For this type of limited edition, a basic price is set according to the size chosen, and increases as fewer copies become available, i.e. +10% from the tenth copy, +20% from the twentieth and +30% for the last 5 copies. Each artwork is signed and numbered by Samuel and accompanied by its certificate of authenticity.

Unique Editions

Samuel Bitton's artistic approach is increasingly oriented towards more graphic and refined lines, he goes to the essential and finds the quintessence of the landscape, like a painter at the tip of his brush.

By their exclusive character, and in order to satisfy art lovers and collectors, Samuel offers these images in unique original prints. Just like a painting, the buyer then becomes the only person in the world to own this artwork.

An artist's proof of the artwork is made so that it can be exhibited to the public, but the choice of the final size of the sold piece, as well as its framing, is given to its buyer. Each of these artworks is naturally signed and numbered by Samuel and accompanied by its certificate of authenticity.