Since a young age, outdoor activities have played a big role in my life. Being in nature provides me with a profound sense of well-being and I have always been attracted by wild landscapes and fascinated by the mountains and their impressive character.

It is however, only at the age of 24, back at the beginning of the year 2000, that photography started to bind with my deep passion for nature.

Following my very first acquisition of an analogue SLR film camera, I suddenly discovered the combined pleasure of capturing the beautiful landscapes I encountered with the possibility to share them with an audience. From then on, my camera would never leave me, anywhere I would go in nature or during my travels around the world.

My first years of photography were done on film and coincided with my arrival in Switzerland, a country I quickly fell in love with, for the prestigious landscapes and majestic mountains it has to offer.
Today I work exclusively in digital and specialize in panoramic format, which, to my eyes, is one of the best ways to transmit to the viewer, the scale and beauty of the sceneries I photograph.

It is indeed those wide landscapes that inspire me the most, especially when bathed in saturated colours, under spectacular and unusual lights. These atmospheres generate in me some profound emotions which I strive to share via my photographic work in the most artistic way possible, in order to allow the viewers to immerse themselves and travel into the same landscapes.

The landscapes and moments that I photograph have an obvious bias – that of showing the most beautiful of what Nature has to offer. However, all this beauty often conceals many environmental challenges. Today, who has not heard of climate change, of glaciers melting, of urban sprawl, of pollution, etc.?
However I am convinced that we can all act in Nature’s favour, each in our own way and at our own level. No action, slight as it may be, is worthless. This is why today, one of my primary goals in sharing my photographic work is to simply contribute, in my way, to make Nature beloved, for we protect what we love.

So today, there I continue my quest of exceptional landscapes bathed into the most beautiful lights, of these precious and unique moments graciously offered by Mother Nature.

"To look, you need only open your eyes.
  To see, you must open your heart. "

    Samuel Bitton.
    Fine Art Photographer