All my photographic work is the result of many hours passed on location. Although this works is very often carried out alone, for various practical reasons, many of those privileged moments spent immersed in nature are also often shared with my wife, or some of my close friends, all fond of nature and those wild spaces which never cease to amaze us.
From time to time, I do try to capture the back scene of those moments, showing us in this environment, at the bivouac, contemplating the start of a new day or the end of one, or simply in action, camera in hand, the eye behind the lens.

I wanted to share some of those moments with you, so enjoyable they are.

Pigne d'Arolla summit (3790m) in June 2011, Valaisannes Alps, Switzerland.
Mountains outings with my good friend and accomplice Raymond Brugger are for both of us a regular necessity. On the picture above we had hoped to be at the summit of Pigne d'Arolla at sunrise to capture the best light but when we walk up at 3am at the Vignette hut, we were plunged into a very thick fog. We then had to delay our departure until 7am that morning. We therefore missed the best early morning light but the view from the summit even under the harsh mid-day light was as always spectacular. And thanks to my flashy orange, but very warm, down jacket as the wind was bitterly cold up there.
On the right, Raymond is immortalising the breath-taking view over the Hérens Plateau bathed into the sunset light.
My accomplice Raymond Brugger, Wandfluelücke (3700m), Valaisannes Alps, Switzerland.
Albert 1er Hut, Le Tour Glacier, Mont-Blanc Massif, France.
That evening, while everyone was already enjoying the warmth of their bed inside the hut and ensure a fresh early start the next day, I couldn't resist the temptation of staying up late and enjoying the stunning sunset light over the Tour Glacier and the Aiguille du Chardonnet. While appreciating those last moments of sunlight I decided to use the timer on my camera and pass it front of the lens to make this auto-portrait.
Waking up the next morning at 4am was a bit tough (well it's always tough for me to get up early anyway) but the climb of the Aiguille du Tour by the Table ridge was well worth the effort.
Early morning after a solo bivouac at Chéserys lake. What an immense satisfaction of waking up in the morning to be greeted with such an impressive view of the Mont-Blanc chain.
The previous evening, when I arrived at the Montets pass car park, the weather was completely cloudy and I really wondered whether it was worth doing the 3 hour climb to this bivouac spot. Well I sure never regretted it as that night the high clouds completely dissipated and a thin layer of stratus gracefully settled in the Chamonix valley below. I was then able to capture this light spectacle which, a few month later, would be awarded 1st price at the photo contest of Pralognan la Vanoise's International Mountain Photo Festival.
Chéserys lake, Mont-Blanc Massif, France.

Susanfe Pass, Dents du Midi Massif, Valaisannes Alps, Switzerland.
Bivouac at Susanfe Pass, Dents du Midi Massif, Switzerland.
Above, my friend Laurent Dessarps contemplates this breathtaking sunrise.
What a reward after the painful climb to this pass, done the previous evening in the dark and in a deep un-stabilised snow where we couldn't walk a few meters without stepping deep into the snow, up to the knees at time. But it is all those efforts that allow us to appreciate even more those moments spent in contact with nature. And that morning the photographic reward will have been, well, very colourful!

Below, a bivouac at the shore of the Riffelsee lake, where we enjoyed this breathtaking view across the famous Matterhorn rising in the background. Although the weather was already very sunny, it was only 7am when I took this shot of our bivouac. Julia was still enjoying a few more minutes of sleep before I started brewing the first pot of tea for the day!
Those two days spent in the mountains will have allowed me to grow once more my collection of pictures of this beautiful Matterhorn massif region (see here, here, here again, there, and then here.)

Stellisee lake, Matterhorn Massif, Valaisannes Alps, Switzerland.

Three days of bivouac in the Vercors massif, alongside three of my fellow companions of Bouts de Bouts Planète: Xavier Jamonet, Cristophe Carlier and Vincent Favre.
The morning of our first day, we are on one of the ridge near the Grand Veymon, waiting for the sunrise (below). A few minutes pass and the sun finally appears behind the horizon. I decide to turn my lens towards Vincent's sexy silhouette ;-), while executing yet another of his many masterpieces! (right)
That evening, we will avoid the thunder storms but not the rain, which will rock us all through the night. But thanks to this stormy conditions, the next day's sunrise will offer a very different dimension (see here and here).

Vincent Favre in Action, Vercors Regional Park, France.
The Bouts de Planète team, Vercors Regional Park, France.

Derbon Valley, Valaisannes Alps, Switzerland.
Bivouac under the stars with my good friend David Rouge in the Muverans massif.
The climb to our bivouac spot will all take place under the rain (below) which finally ended at the end of the day, just to give us time to capture the last lights of the setting sun over the Grand Combin, seen from Forcla lake.
Two glorious days of clear blue sky will follow, during which we will explore this valley, geologically captivating thanks in parts to those many impressive limestone pavements.
Forcla Lake, Valaisannes Alps, Switzerland.

Julia and I will seriously regret our snow shoes during that week-end! Effectively, the 3/4 of the 1100m climb from Grindelwald village to the Klein Scheidegg station, will have been done under deep melting snow.
But the impressive view over the mythic Eiger north face was well worth the efforts.
The next day I will turn my lens over the other side, towards the Jungrau playing hide and seek with its snowy ridges and the setting moon.
At the Foot of the Eiger's North Face, Bernese Alps, Switzerland.
Near Bachalpsee Lake, Bernese Alps, Switzerland.
Another breathtaking view, another happy moment passed with my wife, amongst this nature which never stops offering us those moments of great serenity, such as that morning near the Backalpsee.
The previous evening, I was given the opportunity to capture this amazing sunset over the Eiger's north face.
Aren't they happy those three lads...?

Souvenir of one of those memorable outings, passed in company of my friends and talented photographers Vincent Favre (on my left on this picture) and Xavier Jamonet (on my right), hiking in the Matterhorn massif.
The photographic conditions of those three days will have been very favourable, allowing us to come back with a nice collection of great photographs of this area, such as this dawn light over Matterhorn from Stellisee lake.
Riffelsee Lake, Matterhorn Massif, Switzerland.
Near Vadret Lake, Piz Bernina Massif, Grisons, Switzerland.
After an early rise in order to photograph the sunrise at Vadret lake, return to camp. Julia and I can fully enjoy this peaceful moment.
The sunrays are warming the air of this fresh morning. Not a breath of wind, and the absolute silence is nicely embellish by the whistle of our neighbouring marmot's. We can only embrace this breathtaking scenery unfolding below us.
My friend Blaise Regamey one the summit of Grammont, capturing the stratus clouds in the Rhône valley below and over the Vaudoises Alps in the background.
The previous day we will have been obliged to spend the evening in the tent as the stratus was too high and left us buried in the fog.
But that morning the cloud level had dropped and the view of the surrounding mountains could be fully appreciated.
Grammont Summit (2172m), Valaisannes Alps, Switzerland.
Simplon Pass, Valaisannes Alps, Switzerland.
That week, I headed to Ticino canton. On the way, I decide to stop over at the Simplon pass and bivouac for the night, hoping to catch a few good shots the next morning.
I used this opportunity to capture a few night pictures of my bivouac in the snow.

Arriving at the bivouac spot, Gornergrat, Valaisannes Alps, Switzerland.
The bivouac is ready for the night, Gornergrat, Valaisannes Alps, Switzerland.
My friend David Rouge and I are arriving at our bivouac spot (2nd picture above) at the foot of Riffelhorn, just below the Gornergrat. That day of an ending winter is very kind to us. A nice layer of powder snow coupled with breathtaking views across Mont-Rose massif, Liskamm and Breithorn. We setup our bivouac for the night (below). The clouds are starting to gather on the horizon, the conditions for the sunset over the Matterhorn are promising. Unfortunately, the clouds will arrive too fast and we will have to pass the rest of that evening in the tent, without capturing a single picture. But my "chef" David (right), will need more than that to affect his joy for life ! It's cold and bad weather outside but who cares, we're having fun !! David Rouge as Chef, Gornergrat, Switzerland.
Bivouac at the Riffelhorn's foot, Matterhorn Massif, Switzerland.
It will end up snowing all night and the forecast not showing any sign of improvement for the coming days, we decide to shorten our stay and get back down. Photography is also this. We must often accept that conditions can't always be at their best. The way down in nice powder snow will, however, but a lot of fun :-) (despite the heavy bag pack and my poor skiing skills !).

Below, while waiting for the sun to get a bit lower in the sky such that it decreases in intensity and allow for a few shots, I decide to pass in front of the lens and immortalise the end of this day, past alone ski touring around this beautiful area looking for new potential shots. The photographic conditions will not be ideal that day but one thing is sure, I will come back !

Ski touring at Bürglenberg, Fribourgeoises Alps, Switzerland.