Art Gallery

Come and discover the recent work of Samuel and his partner Céline Jentzsch, also a photographer, in this extraordinary permanent gallery.

Opened since December 6, 2018 on the shores of Lake Geneva in Switzerland, in the heart of the magnificent city of Morges, this art gallery offers visitors the opportunity to permanently discover the work of Celine and Samuel, as well as other guest artists, photographers and sculptors.

Nature is a spectacle...
and the artist a channel of emotions.

It is in collaboration with the garden architecture company « Mise en Scène », that Celine and Samuel wanted to unite their art to create this artistic space around Man in front of Nature.

Mise en Scène draws paths and spaces where Man, flowers, water gushes or the sculpted vegetal shapes of a living painting, a reflection of the full Nature, invite themselves.

Celine and Samuel travel the world in search of beauty, of special moments, creating flamboyant, touching and always emotional work.

The artistic expressions of Mise en Scène, Céline and Samuel often revolve around Man and his profound needs for Nature and the pleasure of living among it. Their work, their questions, often converging, come together to the point of finally hearing the heartbeat of the world... an emotion they wanted to share with you. The Mise en Scène art gallery was born...

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